J. Kearn
We had the greatest time with the PartPix team! They were professional and friendly and everyone was lining up for photos and just laughing at the great props and special effects. Would recommend for any party!
J. Kearn Spokane


A. Snyder
I was so glad we had a photobooth! Not only did they bring the booth but we also had some other games and events to keep everyone happy. I still have all of the photo strips in my cube at work and it makes me smile every time I see them. Thank you Joe and the Partipix team!
A. Snyder Hayden


P. Landry
Joe did a great job at our outdoor party. He had great music playing and also was working the photo booth and taking music requests while he was there helping people get their photo prints. I am looking forward to having him back next summer.
P. Landry Coeur d' Alene